I have a favor to ask. It involves risks, so if you are uncomfortable, or unable, do not take the risk or feel any obligation.

We are forming the Georgia Mobility Company and can provide Founders shares to anyone willing to help, at $0.10 per share:

  • The minimum is $1,000 for ~ .1% of the company
  • The maximum is $15,000 for ~ 2.1% of the company

We have not done the paperwork for a formal offering. This is a “friend, family, and fools” effort. It should only be taken understanding the risks are very high and the chances of success are totally uncertain.

If you have an interest, give me a call. Following is the background.


Bill James


These tiny dollars support our $5,000 per month burn rate to pay Madgie Murray. She is the only person that needs cannot work without paycheck. The rest of us can work without paychecks and I can cover the other costs.

Images this week of Madgie and her son Ty with Governor Kemp. She has the ability to navigate politics that is essential to breaking the Rights of Way barriers. I met Madgie and Ty when Ty was about 4. His dad is an Atlanta swat guy and coaches his wrestling. Ty was 41-0 this year. I have been recruiting him to West Point.

On Monday we have a Rights of Way meeting. Once we get permits, we will raise the stock price to $2.50 to $10 a share to raise $10 to $25 million to start building. This price will increment higher as people start to see construction.

We have a Letter of Interest from Goldman Sachs they understand the network will cost between $200 and $500 million. They understand we are looking to invest $4-6 billion in Atlanta in the next 4 years.