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JPods Network for Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson Airport

Illustration of JPods stations at ATL Hartsfield-Jackson Airport.

Route-Time™ illustrates travel times.

Roughly, assuming you can walk there, from the Red Cross you can walk-ride-walk to:

  • Green in 5 minutes
  • Blue in 10 minutes
  • Yellow in 20 minutes

Ride-along at about 4 times normal speed. The eight minute trip requires only 2 minutes.

Stations are also in the adjacent parking lots.

JPods stations at the Georgia International Convention Center, Mariott Gateway, Renaissance, and Spring Hill hotels.
A 3-Minute summary of JPods

Similar Networks

Walter Cronkite covered Tricia Nixon opening the first digital transportation network on Oct. 24, 1972. The Morgantown PRT network has since delivered 150 million oil-free passenger-miles with only two minor injuries. Injuries on roads are 11,200 per million (link).

JPods vehicles are to cars what H-Bahn vehicles are to buses. JPods vehicles are designed to carry a person or group non-stop from origin to destination. In both cases, traveling suspended from the rail simplifies mechanics and increases safety.

JPods Network for Queens and LaGuardia Airport

Solar-collectors over JPods rails gather the energy to power the networks. JPods are pollution-free, on-demand, personal mobility. Images of a network between LaGuardia Airport and NYC’s Grand Central Station. In Manhattan:

In Queens:

Coming into LaGuardia Airport:

Route-Time™ maps show travel times (click to enlarge). These are maps of the same network with different start points. The Red Cross is the start point:

    • Green is 5 minutes
    • Blue is 10 minutes
    • Yellow is 20 minutes
    • Red is 30 minutes


  • Above: The JPods Queens network is privately funded at about $1.5 billion:
    • Solar-powered mobility for most of Queens.
    • On-demand 24×7
    • Cargo and passenger service.
    • Travel time between LaGuardia and Grand Central Station is 16 minutes 24×7.
    • No wait times, service is on-demand.
  • Below: The Red line is taxpayer proposed AirTrain at $1.5 billion.
    • Coal, nuclear, and natural gas powered.
    • Improves only mobility between LaGuardia and Willets Point Station.
    • Travel times LaGuardia and Grand Central Station is 30 minutes.
    • There are wait times between trains.

Ride from Grand Central to LaGuardia