JPods Lowell

Example of a JPods, solar-powered mobility network for Lowell. 

The people of Massachustts burn 2.3 billion gallons of gasoline per year at a cost of $6.9 billion to sit in traffic jams.

Building this JPods network in Lowell will result in thousands of Massachusetts jobs building solar-powered networks that combine the efficiency of freight railroads (140 times the efficieny of cars) with the on-demand service of the Internet and the safety of theme park thrill rides (0.2 injuries per million versus 11,200 injuries per million on roads).  These jobs will be paid for by converting current traffic costs into value. 

Three minute summary of JPods and the multiple 10X benefits (Shaxian-JPods Contract 2018-01-17 in Word):

Images of the Network

Travel time in Lowell. Circles indicate how far you can walk, ride, walk from the Red Cross. Green is 5 minutes, Blue is 10 minutes, and Yellow is 20 minutes.

Basically, it is 5 to 10 minutes anywhere on the network.

Travel along the network in Lowell: