60% Carbon Reduction By July 2022

Objective: By July 4, 2022 reduce Boston’s transportation carbon footprint by 60% by privately funding and building solar-powered mobility networks that provide better services and lower costs.

Why: Burning foreign oil to move two-tons to move a person in Boston is absurd. Link to clever Uber YouTube on this absurdity.

Climate Change Root Cause is the Federal highway monopoly that defines the rules of economic competition mandating American families own 1.8 cars and burn oil to be economically competitive. The world adopted the US government paradigm following World War II. The book Silent Spring is about similar Federal agricultural policies.

What: Change the paradigm. Adopt metrics and policies based on energy consumed per unit of economic work. The 140,000 miles of freight railroads in the US average 400+ ton-miles per gallon, over 140 times greater efficiency than moving a person at 25 mpg. 

The 5X5 Standard of Massachusetts S.1993 grants Rights of Way use to solar-powered mobility networks at least 5 times more efficient than the 25 mpg road efficiency of roads. These networks pay 5% of gross revenues for such use.


Pass S.1993 or add its 5X5 Standard to the Transportation Bond Bill so the radically cleaner, faster, safer, and more affordable mobility networks can be built to convert traffic costs into value:

  • Cleaner: Per passenger-mile Buses produce .7  pounds of CO2, trains produce .5 pounds of CO2, and cars produce .6 pounds of CO2. Solar-powered mobility networks produce zero.
  • Faster: Get on-demand mobility to anywhere in urban Boston in less than 20 minutes without a car, 24 a day, 7 days a week. Route-Time™ mapping software is a free download to design and test networks. Grade-separation removes the Parasitic Mass and repetitive start-stops cutting energy consumption by 95% and reducing travel times to less than 20 minutes.
  • Safer: Grade-separation preempts hitting people with cars. Radically safer transportation networks are well understood:
  • Injury-rates at theme parks is 10,000 times better than MassDOT:
    • Thrill ride injury-rate is 0.9 per million.
    • MassDOT injury-rate is 11,200 per million.
  • Morgantown’s PRT, grade-separated network of self-driving cars delivered 150 million passenger-miles with 2 minor injuries. In that same period, 1.8 million Americans have been killed on roads.


  • On-demand mobility regardless of age, ability, or wealth.
  • At least $8 billion/year of the $15.7 billion/year traffic costs the people of Massachusetts can be recovered to pay for job building sustainable mobility, customer savings, and profits:
    • $6.7 billion/year sent of foreign gasoline (link) ($2.40 per gallon).
    • $6.0 billion/year on accidents (link). 
    • $3.0 billion/year spent on congestion (link).
  • Capital is available. Attached is a Letter of Interest from Goldman Sachs relative to investing $4-6 billion in JPods solar-powered mobility networks. Goldman Sachs has since published an intent to invest $750 billion in solving Climate Change before 2030.


  1. Now !!!
  2. Between 1965 and 1869 the Transcontinental Railroads built 1,830 miles for track. In the next 2 years we can build 300 miles of solar-powered mobility networks to solve Boston traffic and cut carbon emissions 60%.

Accelerate ending foreign oil addiction and the Root Cause of Climate Change:

  1. Building solar-powered mobility networks using the 5X5 Standard will create public awareness that is in the individual taxpayer’s self-interest to cut transportation costs and end the Root Cause of Climate Change.
  2. Use public awareness, jobs, and savings to accelerate ending the Root Cause of Climate Change.  Enforce Article 6 of the Massachusetts Constitution and the “post Roads” restriction in the Federal Constitution.
    • Climate Change created by Federally mandated coal and oil burning infrastructure violates the Preamble (restriction to only “promote the general welfare and duty to defend liberty for Posterity), Clauses post Roads, Ports, Necessary and Proper, Commerce, and Amendments 9 and 10.
    • Communications as an example using the Constitution:
      • In 1982 courts declared the Federal communication monopoly unconstitutional. With the liberty to innovate restored, millions of jobs were created displacing a century of rotary telephones with the Internet.
    • The Federal transportation monopoly is even more clearly unconstitutional, the root cause of Climate Change and perpetual oil-wars.
      • The Boston Tea Party was a demonstration against a government transportation monopoly that triggered a war. To prevent rebuilding that path to war:
        • Article 6 of the Massachusetts Constitution forbids government forming or supporting monopolies:  “No man, nor corporation, or association of men, have any other title to obtain advantages, or particular and exclusive privileges.”
        • The “post Roads” restriction was voted into the Constitution by 8 states to 3 on Sept 14, 1787, to forbid Federal taxing and building infrastructure beyond what was minimally required to defend free speech by assuring that letters could be delivered.
        • Link to 21 Presidential veto messages enforcing the “post Roads” clause.
        • Link to 8 Presidents identifying foreign oil addiction a direct threat to national survival. The week of Jan 1, 2020, the US imported 6.7 million barrels of foreign oil per day as because the Federal monopoly ignores calls to action by Presidents and the blood sacrifices of soldiers who have bought them time in oil-wars since 1991.
    • File legal cases to enforce Constitutions:
      • Childrens’ Rights to force the burden of proof onto the sources of CO2 that they cause no harm. Defend Liberty for Posterity.
      • End all Federal taxing and spending on “internal improvements” (Federalist #45).