Transportation comparison

New inventions lead to new transportation.  SolarPRT is 21st century transportation.Comparison 37mph

Click on chart to enlarge it.

Some new ways to think about transportation:

Imagine traveling in a personal computer-driven pod–alone or with friends or family, listening to your favorite music and relaxing, possibly chatting on your cell phone, or working, if you prefer, as you move smoothly to your destination.

Imagine SolarPRT as a social network.  Through the on-board computer system, arrange to meet friends.  Choose to connect with people traveling to a similar destination. Find out what there is to see and do at places along the wary.

What about electric cars?  Electric vehicles are perfect for local use.  Some of them, such as electric-assist bicycles, ELFs, and electric wheelchairs will be able to fit in JPods.

Where appropriate, pod windows can be programmed to temporarily glaze over to protect privacy. Often they will provide beautiful views to enjoy.

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