JPods Costs

JPods cost approximately $10 million per mile to construct.  Bill James, president of JPods Inc., expects the first 20 miles to cost approximately $20 million per mile to cover engineering and development of manufacturing. With two beams and computer-controlled pods moving closely spaced, JPods can carry as many passengers as a 12-lane highway.  The cost of adding one lane on a highway averages around $10 million per mile. Charging affordable rates to ride, JPods are expected to pay for themselves in about 5 years.

JPods Costs per Mile

Truss: 5,280 feet per mile at $550 cost per foot = $2,904,000

Stations: 3 stations per mile at $60,000 per elevator, $360,000 per station with elevator = $1,080,000

Vehicles: 100 pods per mile at $15,000 cost per pod = $1,500,000

Piers: 55 piers typical per mile at $15,000 cost per pier = $825,000

Solar: 4 meters wide by 1,600 meters per mile and 100 watts per square meter at $3 cost per watt = $1,920,000

Computer networks:  $500,000

Geotech survey of existing conditions: $100,000

Other: $1,000,000

TOTAL: $9,829,000*

*If required, burying overhead wires adds approximately $2 million per mile.


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