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Our goal  is to bring JPods Solar Personal Rapid Transit to Massachusetts–to provide superb transportation, cut greenhouse gas emissions to stabilize climate and sea level, create a thriving economy and help the MBTA increase revenue to cover its costs.  We are investigating potential locations for building a short, profitable, innovative system so people can see and experience this ten-times-better mode of transportation.

Bay State Sunway is an unincorporated group of professionals, businesspeople and residents interested in great sustainable transportation, including:

Judeth SausalitoJudeth Van Hamm, community steward entrepreneur.  Her interest in Solar Personal Rapid Transit grew out of seeking a sustainable transportation solution for the town of Hull, MA, where she lives.  In 2006, she asked the Hull Selectmen to set up a Sustainable Transportation Committee, which she chaired.  When she found that operating a rubber-wheeled electric trolley system would have required a passenger in every seat and still only operate at bus speeds and schedule, her Internet search led to the discovery of JPods Solar Personal Rapid Transit.  In 2011, the Hull Board of Selectmen voted to support the concept of using Personal Rapid Transit to connect Nantasket Beach with Nantasket Junction Station on the Greenbush Line.  Then the Greenbush Line stopped weekend service, so she began looking for other options. Currently she is working on connecting Nantasket Beach with Quincy Center Station and on outreach in metropolitan Boston and other Massachusetts regions. Judeth holds a Master of City Planning degree from the University of Pennsylvania and Bachelor of Architecture degree from the University of Michigan.  She has received a lifetime achievement award from the US Environmental Protection Agency.  In addition to her work on Bay State Sunway, as president of Sustainable South Shore, which is part of Massachusetts Climate Action Network and Mass Power Forward, she is working with representatives from 18 South Shore communities to achieve a goal of 100% local clean energy for their communities.  She is also helping protect land for the tri-town Weir River Estuary Park, which actually led to her discovery of Solar Personal Rapid Transit as a way to make it safe to walk and bike along roads in the Estuary.  In the past, she has worked as an alternative energy consultant to the town of Cohasset, MA, served as a Community Learning Facilitator for the Hull Public Schools, led the effort to save the Paragon Carousel, co-founded the Hull Lifesaving Museum, helped create Fort Revere Park in Hull, and worked as a planner for the Boston Redevelopment Authority.  She is also an artist. Contact Judeth Van Hamm: 781-925-5665 one@hullportside.net

Owen ToneyOwen Toney, community organizer and green activist. With a general interest in bringing green technology and ideas to the community, he found out about JPods from Judeth Van Hamm, an attendee at several green events he has organized. Living near two of the most heavily used public transportation bus routes in the Commonwealth, he has found a desperate need for additional transportation options in his neighborhood. JPods marries safer, faster, cleaner public transportation with a non-polluting green power source, solar.  He is the founder and Director of the Green Neighbors Education Committee, Inc. Find details at www.otoney.wix/gnec Owen may be reached at (617) 427-6293 otoney@comcast.net

We invite you to participate and look forward to talking with you.  Please contact us at 781-925-5665 or send an email below.

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  1. Please look at Freedom Transit. It could become a nationwide network of toll roads for electric cars. The special elevated toll road powers and controls the electric cars while they are on the toll road. Access is through stations and when the electric cars leaves the system for manual driver control it has a fully charged battery. Low cost user fees not only pay for the toll roads, they also provide significant new tax revenue for state and local governments. One 125 mile Freedom Transit roadway between LAX and San Diego could generate $590 million annually in new tax revenu. If 30 percent of current traffic used Freedom Transit for a 60 mile trip. The Freedom Transit trip would take just 26 minutes and cost $28.50 for the vehicle not per passenger. Note this is all electric with day time solar power providing more than enough power.

    • Jim–The Freedom Transit system for electric cars between cities could be a good match with Solar Personal Rapid Transit in cities. Evacuated Tube Technology et3(dot)com is a very fast alternative for travel between cities. Thank you for your vision and work on zero-emission travel. Judeth

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