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The Challenge

Gasoline vehicles are causing problems.

  • They take up space—both for parking and dominating roadways.
  • They cost us time, both driving them and sitting in traffic.
  • They killed 1.24 million people in 2013.
  • They emit 27% of the greenhouse gases in the United States, which along with emissions from other uses of fossils fuels here and in other countries, are causing catastrophic changes in climate that threaten life on Earth.

The Search

Judeth Van Hamm writes, “When I first looked for  zero-emission transportation for the town of Hull, MA, I found electric rubber-wheel trolleys.  However, I discovered that even if the town received a grant to purchase the vehicles, it would take having a passenger in every seat on every trip to pay for the drivers plus a battery-maintenance person.  It was not going to happen with vehicles that end up going only 12 mph with 20 to 30 minutes between runs.  I searched the Internet and found advanced transit and one company that offered a solar version of Personal Rapid Transit.”

The Solution

Solar Personal Rapid Transit by JPods Inc. solves the problems of gasoline vehicles—

  • JPods free up the road to be used by pedestrians, bicycles, and local neighborhood vehicles.
  • JPods take you directly to your destination at 30 mph with no stops along the way.  Your time is your own to use.
  • JPods are safe.  The system meets the strict standards developed by the amusement ride industry.   Video monitors in pods and stations ensure personal safety.
  • JPods are powered directly by the sun during daylight.  When the sun is shining, the extra power is stored to use at night and when it is cloudy.  As they use lots of solar panels, they will create affordable solar and storage that buildings can use instead of getting electricity from central fossil-fuel power plants, which generate 37% percent of US greenhouse gas emissions. Imagine the U.S., China and every place else not needing to burn coal.   JPods may just be able to lead to stabilizing world climate.

In addition, JPods are fun to ride.  They will attract riders to enjoy the experience.

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